XST2 Supertweeter

  • The XST2 was designed and built for 1 purpose in mind. To get your highs to the volume they should be at compared to the rest of your crazy system, while still fitting into the mix. Many supertweeters today used for car audio don't stay in the mix and are super hard to equalize and set up the right image to get them to not sound like somebody is smashing glass bottles in your car. We aimed at bridging the gap and creating a supertweeter that gets LOUD and easily sounds great.
  • We started by tooling a 42° by 42° composite horn assembly for a controlled sweetspot of on-axis dispersion. Creating a powerful motor to propel its voice coil to insane volumes was key, so we designed a 25 ounce motor assembly using Y35 grade ferrite magnets. Our motor combined with its 2" UHPLC copper coil coil mated to a rigid kapton coil former and phenolic resin based fiberglass diaphram allows super light wieght of the moving parts, contributing to the tweeters 107dB of 1w/1m sensivity while still being capable of taking monsterous power. For convenience, we implemented rear EZ connect push terminals to allow for superb ease of install, no more soldering and no side terminals that get in the way of mounting
  • The XST2 is capable of being crossed as low as 3khz without breaking a sweat, which is not the same case for almost all other supertweeters, as our extensive testing shows. Rated at 110w RMS crossed from 3khz and up, these tweeters are built like they should be, to exceed all expectations.


Front Face Dimensions 124x116 mm (4.9x4.6 inches)
Minimum Impedance 7.2Ω
Power Handing (3khz-22khz) 110wRMS 180wPeak
Sensitivity (1w/1m) 107dB
Usable Frequency Range 2.8khz-22khz
Voice Coil Diameter 52mm (2 inches)
Coil Winding Material UHPLC copper
Coil Former Material Polyimide
Fs (Resonant Frequency) 3720hz
BL ( Magnetic Gap Force) 3.937T·m

Mounting/Install Dimensions

Front Face/Flange Diameter 124x116 mm (4.9x4.6 inches)
Bolt Circle Diameter Φ106 mm (4.2in)
Baffle Cutout Diameter 105mm(4.1in)
Mounting Depth 80mm(3.1in)

    BASS CLEF 2000D

    Capable of 2,250 watts RMS at 1 ohm.

    BASS CLEF 3500D

    Knock out the competition with 3,875 watts at 1 ohm.

    BASS CLEF 5500D

    With a staggering 5,800 watts RMS at 1 ohm.

    Concerto 1100.4

    4 channel Class A/B Full Range Amplifier.

    Concerto 1600.2

    Capable of over 1700rms bridged @ 2ohm of pure Class A/B power.
  • FT1 Series

    Forte Tweeter

    Ultra-light Titanium Diaphragm for minimal breakup.
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